Are broker ratings on Funda reliable?

The broker ratings on the Funda website are not reliable. A data analysis by JuistMakelaar shows that the average is 9.1 from 30,000 reviews. Funda's rating system is not foolproof. No wonder the averages are so astonishingly high.

How can Funda's ratings be so high?

How these ratings are so high has to do with the way customers leave their reviews. Customers can only leave a review of their broker when the property has the status sold. If the house has not been bought or sold, no review can be left. Even if the cooperation has failed, there is no possibility for the customer to write a review on Funda.

Due to the crooked way of assessing, the lowest average is 8.4 and half of all brokers score between 9 and 9.2. In addition, several brokers have an average rating above 9.8, because few reviews have been posted.

NVM Estate Agents Reviews

In addition, NVM brokers have a great advantage in advance over other brokers. The Funda platform is from NVM and therefore only offers NVM brokers. Other real estate agents are hard to find, as you can only find them on Funda via Google or if they offer a house.

Thus, the assessments are not representative by the assessment method. Because of the meaningless averages, consumers should not look for a broker on Funda.
There are several websites where this is possible, including JuisteMakelaar. Through the tool of Right Broker you can find the best local broker that takes into account reviews from multiple websites and the broker's performance. The tool takes into account even more factors that can be personalized, such as budget and sales time.

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