Real estate agent Rotterdam: How are you going to find the best real estate agent in the city?

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Makelaar Rotterdam: A suitable broker, where do you start?

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Rotterdam? If you are unfamiliar with brokers and you are looking for one, this search probably starts with typing 'Makelaar Rotterdam' on Google. Then you soon come to the conclusion that there are so many different brokers in Rotterdam alone! With the comparison service With Juist Makelaar you can be sure that you choose the best real estate agent Rotterdam.

The most common choice for choosing a broker is via-via. This is based on experience only with no background information. At Juist Makelaar we have been collecting all data about active brokers in Rotterdam for years. Data that Juist Makelaar has collected in recent years include:

  • The sales time of each broker
  • The average selling price of the brokers
  • The costs of a broker in Rotterdam
  • The number of homes that the broker has sold in Rotterdam
  • Number of collaborations between our customers and the Rotterdam brokers

Broker Rotterdam: What does a broker cost?

The costs of a local broker in Rotterdam is difficult to determine. Not every broker in Rotterdam has the same working method, the same status and provides exactly the same services. But to give a good picture, we will make a calculation based on our experience!

Current asking price house in Rotterdam (Average) € 580.000,-
Average brokerage broker Rotterdam 1,38 %
Broker fees € 8.000,- 
Start-up costs € 550,-
Total costs of broker Rotterdam € 8.550,-

Is the broker worth these costs? Many people will say no, this is not quite true. There are plenty of Rotterdam brokers who can often realize a higher sales price. This is partly because they know other brokers, who often have seekers who can convince them. This will ensure a higher yield, but don't let the costs of a local broker only guide you.

How to compare brokers for sale?

Many people know the dilemma: You want to sell your house, but how do you choose a real estate agent? The first step is to conduct a preliminary investigation into which broker in Rotterdam performs well, has good service and of course who has good experiences with the broker found. At Juist Makelaar, all this information has already been collected. This saves you as a consumer a lot of time, and it also immediately saves you the chance of a 'wrong' broker in Rotterdam.

You come into contact with 2 suitable brokers. These Rotterdam brokers would of course like to make an appointment to discuss their services. They prefer to come and view the house, in order to provide an accurate sales price. But then you still have to choose the best broker of these two, read how below:

  • How will our Rotterdam real estate agent present your house? Do you agree with this?
  • On which platforms can your house be viewed? In this way you can estimate the visibility of your home, also known as the target group. 
  • What sales price does the broker estimate and how is this price substantiated? Does it come across as too much of a wet finger, or is there a good substantiation?
  • Do you have a good feeling about the broker?

Compare costs for real estate agents in Rotterdam

The moment you immediately know who you want to work with, that's only good. However, you may still have doubts. What you can then do is compare the costs. But how are you going to do this? Below are a few points to keep in mind when you compare the different brokers on the basis of costs:

  • What is the price or the sales percentage that the broker asks?
  • What do you get for this price and is this a total price? Are there additional costs such as an Open House, environmental information, brochures, advertisements or an architectural report?
  • When do you have to pay? And are there any withdrawal costs when you put the house up for sale?
  • Is the amount exclusive or including VAT? Be sure to compare the same with each other.

Purchase broker Rotterdam, how to choose?

Living in Rotterdam is popular. This has drastically reduced the number of houses for sale. It is especially difficult to buy your dream home, especially in popular neighborhoods such as Blijdorp, Kralingen and Delfshaven. In times of an overheated housing market, such as that of Rotterdam, the purchase broker is popular.

The demand for a broker in Rotterdam is still increasing. In fact, it is so bad that brokers refuse new clients. Below you will find smart tips on how you can compare different purchase brokers:

  • Compare the duties of each purchase broker;
  • Does the purchase broker work on a 'No-cure, no-pay' basis?
  • Do they go to viewings?
  • How does the collaboration work, do you have to look for homes yourself or do you get a search profile?
  • Try to compare the tasks and prices with each other, so you have the best picture what you get
  • And lastly, do you trust the broker?

Curious about what a Rotterdam purchasing agent can do for you? Then read on here! Would you rather have help with the entire purchase process? HuisAssist can guide you through every step of the purchase process, this is completely free and you can always ask for advice!

Makelaars Rotterdam: Active in all neighborhoods of Rotterdam

There are other brokers active in every part of Rotterdam. Of course there are real estate agents in every part of the city who have their own area as a specialty. One broker knows more about Rotterdam Overschie, while the other broker sells better in Rotterdam IJsselmonde. This is due to the years of experience of the relevant broker, because he knows exactly what is going on in a district. In addition, the broker knows other brokers in Rotterdam. Want to know more about your neighbourhood? Click on the district you want to know more about:

Makelaar Rotterdam - Actief in heel de stad(kaart)

1. Rotterdam Center; 2. Charlois; 3. Delfshaven; 4. Feijenoord; 5. Hillegersberg-Schiebroek; 6. Hook of Holland; 7. Hoogvliet; 8. IJsselmonde; 9. Kralingen-Crooswijk; 10. North; 11. Transition; 12. Pernis; 13. Prince Alexander; 14. Rozenburg

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What our customers say

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9.7 customer satisfaction
out of 24 reviews
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Gustavo, Diemen

December 1, 2021

10/10 Excellent

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Easy and fast

They found me a couple of makelaars so fast and I could choose the one that I liked the most without any cost.

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Bassel Hafez, Zoetermeer

December 1, 2021

10/10 Excellent

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Marcel is very helpful

It was very easy for him to get the appointment for viewing and even giving the good bids

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Sonja, Amsterdam

27 Aug 2021

4/5 Good

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See below our FAQs about the services of Juiste Makelaar.


What does Juiste Makelaar do?

We are a real estate agent comparison service active throughout the Netherlands. Based on your preferences and our unique real estate agent database, we match you with the best agent for your situation. Before we get you in touch with the selected agents, we will contact you to complete the matching. So there are no surprises. After that, you will receive the selected estate agents by e-mail and they contact you themselves. Then you choose the best real estate agent for your situation.


How do you compare real estate agent within the Netherlands?

In your request we ask specifically for a number of preferences which we combine with our unique real estate agent database. After you have filled in these details, we will always contact you personally so that we can complete the entire comparison.


Is my request on the website of Juiste Makelaar for free?

Yes, of course it is! This application is completely free of charge for you. We are more than happy to put you in contact with the selected real estate agents for free and without any obligation. Once you have finally agreed with an real estate agent to work together, we ask a small fee from the estate agent.


What happens when I have completed the comparison?

Immediately after completing your requests, you will receive a confirmation. Unfortunately, this one is in Dutch, but no worries we will continue helping in English! After that we will contact you by phone, unless you prefer to be contacted in another way. If everything is to your satisfaction, the selected real estate agents will then contact you. Finally, you decide with which estate agent you have the best connection and with whom you would like to work.


Why is comparing of real estate agents necessary?
There are more than 9.000 active real estate agents in the Netherlands. This makes it difficult to determine which estate agent is best suited to your situation. Which real estate agent uses a good buying or selling strategy and what costs do the various agents charge? Have you become curious? Start comparing right away!


Can I compare real estate agents anywhere in the Netherlands?

Yes, we can help you finding a suitable real estate agent throughout the Netherlands. This is partly due to our the large number of partners, so we can help you as best we can anywhere in the Netherlands.


What are normal brokerage fees for a real estate agent when selling a house?

The average sales commission for an real estate agent in the Netherlands lies between 1 and 1.5 percent. However, this depends on what you agree with the real estate agent in question. You can think of a bonus agreement or a different set of tasks.

If you would like to know more, carry on reading on the next page here further


What are normal brokerage fees of a buying real estate agent?

In many cases, a purchase agent charges a lower brokerage fee than a selling agent. The average fee in the Netherlands for a buying real estate agent is between 0,5 and 1,0 percent. Also with a buying agent, the commission depends on the purchase price, the activities and the place where you want to buy a house in the Netherlands. Is the place or neighbourhood very popular? Then the estate agent can charge higher costs.

Would you like to know more about the costs of a purchase broker? read here further


Can I also get a price list from different real estate agents?

No, because all real estate agents in the Netherlands have different working methods, it is not yet possible to send a standard list. This is partly due to various aspects, such as that you can agree performance bonuses with estate agents, as a result of which the standard commission is lower, or that you carry out a number of tasks yourself. Other reasons for not being able to give a standard price list are: the sales rankings of estate agents, the location of your home, the quality of the estate agent and extra services that estate agents offer.

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